Implemented components / interface features

  • Authentication: register, login, email confirmation
  • user profile page
  • dashboard interface (SPA but can have different pages/routes): left menu with submenues, breadcrumbs, user menu on top
  • payment support
  • responsive design

Payment support (integration with Stripe)

  • Full Stripe integration (list of plans is automatically pulled from your Stripe account)
  • User plans support
  • Payment method (only credit cards for now, via Stripe)
  • Users can select a plan, change it, cancel it, pause it, and resume it
  • User can see all history of payment-related actions
  • As soon as the user registers, the trial is automatically started (the plan that's marked in Stripe as default)

Dev's features

  • All features are now divided into units and components: blueprints for backend, components for frontend
  • Autocreation of tables for users and roles (2 roles are added automatically: User and Admin)
  • Autoupdating existing database
  • Handling 404 and 500 errors
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk friendly
  • Webpack building
  • SCSS styles

Scaffolding (paid feature)

  • Generating the left menu based on simple YAML file
  • Menu group header may or may not related url
  • Vuejs named routes - auto or defined manually
  • Autogeneration href for menu items
  • Autocreating breadcrumbs
  • Menues can have submenues