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Getting started with Caravel


Before you start you need to make sure you have the latest versions installed:

Why to install Node.js? It sounds weird!

We need Node.js because we use Webpack for building frontend. Even if you have to install one more software product, and know how to use Webpack, it eventually will save you tons of time and efforts handling multiple JavaScript files and settings.


You can download the codebase in 2 ways:

  • Just download a zip file
  • Clone from the source

To download a zip file, just click the green button Clone or download on the main page of the Github repository, then click Download ZIP:

Which way to prefer?

It depends on your goals and how you feel confident with Git. If you just want to browse the code without any further development, a simple download would be enough. If you want to create a real project and be able to pull all the updates from the future releases, do clone.