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Please note that documentation is still in progress. This article may not be finished yet. If you have questions please refer the Github documentation or email us.

About Caravel


Caravel is the set of tools helping to create SaaS applications. Currently it includes:
  • Codebase - free and open source
  • scaffolding feature for fast code generation.
Let's look at them in details.

The code can be downloaded or cloned from the Github. It consists of multiple files that are code files for frontend and backend, HTML templates, styles, building scripts.

The idea of Caravel is you don't need to worry about many stardard things that should be implemented in every SaaS app like user authentication, web dashboard, integration with payment system like Stripe and many others (see the full list below). Of course, a developer may ask "Why should I use this code? Is it reliable? What if I want to implement it on my own?"

You can implement everythng from the scratch. But usually you don't do that. You don't use Assembler to write your code, you use many libraries and frameworks out-of-box and this development kit is another way to make the building SaaS faster. See FAQs below to find out more.


Web solution

  • Web dashboard with left menu, submenues, breadcrumbs, status bar
  • responsive desing
  • easy switching styles
  • module- and component-based app.

Integration with payment system

  • Automatic pulling data from Stripe to show available plans
  • Stripe support
  • Users can select a plan, change it, cancel, pause, resume
  • User can see all the history of payment-related actions
  • As soon as user logs in, the trial starts automatically (based on plan that is marked in Stripe as default)

User management

  • User authentication: register, login, logout
  • user profile page
  • confirmation by email.


Solid architecture and best practices

  • Modular (component) approach
  • separation of concern
  • DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself)
  • KISS (Keep It Simple, Smart)

Full control of your app

  • All code is free and open source
  • easy updating with Git merge
  • scaffolding, code generating and building automation.

Huge time and effor saving

  • Many functions/component already implemented
  • Automation and scaffolding tools saves your time


Caravel is based on the following technologies/libraries/frameworks:
  • Python 3 (Flask)
  • ES6 JavaScript
  • Vue.js / Vuex / Vue router / Axios
  • SCSS
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Fontawesome 5
  • Webpack 4
  • PostgreSQL

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why have you chosen Python as a base framework? Python is a modern programming language, very easy to learn and implementing most of best programming practices. We chose it for its simplicity, cool features, and, what is most important - because you can find almost any functionality already implemented. Python has thousands of libraries and we can't imagine which lib it doesn't have.
    Another appealing thing is maturity of the language and using in the machine learning. We believe in its future and would like to participate it creating new SaaSes that use machine learning algorythms and help solving complicated problems.
  • Why would I buy a plan if there is an open source version? Will I have other code? You get the same codebase that can be downloaded from Github. But paid plan allows you to leverage the development as for it provides generating tons of code. For example, just for left menu you can save up to several hours of coding because one call generates from 3 to dozens of files of code.