SaaS application development kit

Don't spend your time on the routine.
Focus on the unique logic of your app.

15 days trial. Not credit card required.

What is Caravel Kit?

Caravel Kit™ is a development kit for creating a SaaS application fast, written in Python (Flask) by using Vue.js as a frontend framework and PostgreSQL as the database. We also use Webpack to build the frontend and Bootstrap, in order to leverage the interface development.

Important notice!

Caravel Kit dashboard is closed for reincarnation!

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Why choose Caravel Kit?

To save time


  • out-of-box codebase,
  • established architecture,
  • scaffolding features,
  • SCSS support,
  • Webpack building,
  • integration with Stripe,
  • database autoupgrade/generation.
you will save days, even months of development.

Your code is truly yours

Our project is open-source. You can

  • download it,
  • change it,
  • add your own code,
  • pull from the master again,
  • merge - without any hassle.

Best practices and approaches

We adopted the best practices found in the modern art of development:

  • modular (component) approach,
  • separation of concern,
  • DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself),
  • KISS (Keep It Simple, Smart),
  • and many others.
With our codebase you can't go wrong.

After downloading and building, you have the working app (demo here)

Register / login user
Dashboard (user profile page)
Payment plan selection
Billing summary page
Select payment method
Billing history

Who is Caravel Kit for?

Indie professionals

Create your SaaS fast; don't spend time on setting up the infrastructure. Plug in Stripe in minutes. Focus on the unique functions your SaaS does.

Small teams

Work together on a project, use Caravel and Git at all capacity. Feel free to change the source code, extend it, add your own features without the fear of losing a piece of code or getting confused by merges.

For teams of any size

Use the scaffolding feature without any limits. Create SaaS - for public and internal use, don't waste your time and money on development what already exists.

How it works


Download the code

You download (or clone) the source code from Github.

Configure some primary settings

You set up credentials, database connection string, and run the init script to initiate all the needed libraries and settings, and generate all of the tables and entities in the database.

Change your code and do merge

You change the style, generate your own menu, add your own logic. Don't worry about user authentication or integration with Stripe. It's all done! If you want to get updates from the original repo, you just merge, it's easy.

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